Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Who Knew Being a Loser Could Feel So GOOD!

I have lost 30 pounds. The thirty pounds of fat was not only covering my hips and thighs, it clouded and narrowed my view of my world…and myself. I had become so focused on the negativity of the weight, that I lost sight of the whole world around me. I knew I had been living my life in a contained little box. What I didn't realize was just how small my metaphorical box was! Losing weight has lifted the lid and let the light and beauty of all of life's possibilities shine in. I still have a long path ahead of me on this weight loss journey, but I am filled with excitement about the person and the life that I'm finding under the fat!

Losing weight is making me feel so much better physically. I can move better, work better and even sleep better! I've gone to the beach a couple of time in the past month and focused on moving and walking and enjoying family and friends, not worrying about how I look in a swimsuit or shorts. I don't want to hide from life anymore, I want to experience it! The next thing that is SO cool is buying some new clothes…in a smaller size! And feeling better about the way I look. But, even better than that, is how good I feel mentally! I feel in control for the first time in many years. Taking control of my diet and body has made it easier to get control in other areas of my life. Eating out of control and gaining weight made me feel depressed and so very hopeless. I can honestly say that the word hopeless has not entered my thoughts in a long time. I am now feeling hopeful and excited as I continue my Mama Makeover!


  1. You're an inspiration Robin!! Great job!!!! :)

  2. Robin, I have tears in my eyes reading this. It is something that we need to come to realize on our own and when we do 'watch out world'. As you know, my journey to self started a year ago. Like you, I had myself in a box and focused on everyone but myself. I'm down 72lbs and my goal is within sight. When I reach that goal, not only will I be healthy, mentally, physically and spritually but this Momma is getting her belly button pierced! [my 20 somthing year old daughters suggest that decadent splurge] So very proud of you and I walk proudly beside you my friend on our journey to self!!! Love you soul-sister

  3. Robin, I am SO VERY HAPPY for you! WAY TO GO!!

  4. Sweet to read you blog Robin, thanks for sharing.