Thursday, April 7, 2011

It’s Like Watching Paint Dry…

Could this weight loss thing be any slower???? I now remember why I always quit at about week four…the feeling of hopelessness sets in. The scale is moving down so slowly. I feel good about my eating. I've been eating right, logging my food and calories and keeping pretty active.   But, the weight is coming off so slowly!  This is a weight range that I've been at for quite a while and I think I've hit a plateau already!  I do have to admit that I still have not been exercising regularly.  I have logged in a few exercise sessions, but the exercise component of this "make-over" is still lacking.  If I figure out my weight loss so far in percentages I'm only about 8% of the way into my weight loss plan and I've lost 11% of my weight.  I guess this is the part loss that takes faith and patience.

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