Friday, March 25, 2011

The Diet In My Head

The diet in my head is the one that I contemplate while I'm overeating and feeling really bad about myself. The diet in my head is very effective. You lose weight rapidly, especially when you have a special occasion or outfit to fit into. The diet in my head is so easy. I've spent years convinced that the diet in my head was the answer to all of my weighty woes. The only problem I've found with the diet in my head is that it is ONLY in my head!

I am now in week three of my "Real Life Diet". I have been following my food plan, dramatically changing my eating habits, recording my meals and fighting the good weight loss fight. Frustratingly, the real life diet is not quiet as miraculous as the diet-in-my-head.  I've lost those same 10 pounds that come off so easily at the beginning of all of my diets.  You know, those same 10 pounds that come back equally as easy!  Now I'm in the walking-in-faith-because-I-truely-believe-I-can-lose-weight phase.  This is the challenging phase!  In the past, overwhelmed and discouraged by the enormity of the weight that I had to lose and the slow rate of weight loss, I would give up and go back to my old eating habits.  But, this time, I'm finding new motivations. I am motivated each day by how great it feels to feel good. I am in control of my eating. I am not feeling stuffed and guilty and lethargic from overeating. My clothes don't feel like a too tight second skin that I'm trying to shed by unbuttoning or unzipping. I am feeling really good. I keep reminding myself that the scale is not the only measurement of success. I am experiencing other positive changes. I'm not saying this weight loss journey is easy. I'm taking it one meal, one craving, one day at a time. But, I am out of my head and back into real life. And it feels great!

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