Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Could it take a village to lose weight?

…well, maybe not a village, but a social network? I've decided to take a leap of faith and announce my intent to finally lose weight, get fit and take charge of my physical health! Boy, talk about the ultimate accountability! I'm hoping that stating my intentions on my blog, and sharing the blog on my Facebook page, will give me the extra motivation I need to finally be successful at weight loss and exercise. I'm also thinking that the fear of public humiliation and failure may be just the thing that I need to keep me on track…FINALLY!!!

My plan is to share my journey and motivate myself, and hopefully others, along the way.  So, here I go. I'm ready to push that "publish" button and make my most private struggle not so private!


  1. Hey Robin! I was just thinking about you and Chloe - regarding cpap. Then I found this! I will join you on this journey! I too have 100+ to lose and would love to do it with someone. Ironically, Biggest Loser is having a casting call here on Saturday but I know I cannot leave my family for 3+ months. I thought, well I could start a local BL group and blog about it....because I too think it might just take a village to help me get this done. So I'm here for ya! On day 4 also, although I went to lunch with Christie yesterday and totally blew it. LOL But most of the other days I've done fine. You CAN do this! I know it! I'm here to cheer you on!


  2. Hi Julie!

    I would love to have company on this journey! I am determined to succeed this time. We can do this! Let me know when you start your blog. This is exciting!