Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 4 – Reality Sets In

It's the morning of day 4 and the reality of this long journey is setting in. So far I feel a little hungry, a little cranky and a lot nervous about really being able to achieve the weight loss that I need…100 pounds. I am eating well. I eat between 1400 – 1500 calories per day. In the past I've kept the calories at 1200 – 1300 and that was just too low for this early in the diet. I didn't feel well when I was eating so few calories. I'm eating about every three hours and have not really felt deprived. Unfortunately, like all the other times, I have not done one bit of exercise. I know that exercise is such an important part of my quest for health, but I hate it so much!!! Yes, I said it, this fitness trainer's wife HATES exercise!!! I could try to make excuses about why it's hard to fit exercise into my busy day, but I won't even go there. I must eat right and exercise: Fewer calories, more movement. It's simple math. The reality is that I can lose the weight, all of the weight, if I eat less and move more.

 The other part of my reality check is the fact that food is far more than nourishment to me. It is comfort, fun, entertainment and, most of all, sedation. Yes, I said sedation. It's my drug of choice. I use food to celebrate, but to also numb and stuff down my feelings and emotions. Yesterday I had a difficult day and without food to take the edge off of the anger, frustration and stress, I actually had to feel it! This will be my challenge, finding ways to handle emotions without using food. This is hurdle that usually trips me up.

So, let day four begin! I am up for the challenge and ready to succeed!

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